LIVE REVIEW: UK Tech-Fest 2018 @ Showground, Newark – 5th-9th July 2018

With Tech-Fest 2019 approaching fast, why not check out my review of last year’s festival?

The Soundboard


With the blaring heat of the sun continuing to dry out the UK, the Tech-Fest campsite is somewhat uncomfortable as metalheads alike attempt to put up their tents. The site is not yet full with the festival mainly beginning tomorrow. Thursday (or day zero) is attended by the most enthusiastic fans who want to experience the early musical performances. The sudden arrival of a mini tornado in the midafternoon is certainly stirring things up a bit.

Performing on the Waghorn Guitars stage, the smaller of the two stages, Fractions (8) aren’t holding back despite their early afternoon set. Soaring vocals from Christophe Hare show immense talent and ability in their live performance. The instrumentation is tight with heavy bass and distortion on the guitars, yet the mix does not overpower the vocals as it so easily could. The heat of the stage is not comfortable but both band and…

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Review: ‘Night’ ~ Jonny Desai

‘Night’ is the debut album from musician and composer, Jonny Desai. His album creates relaxing, serene soundscapes and is experimental in his use of instrumentation and song structure. The sense of passion and emotion comes across clearly, both through the music and the vocals.

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