My Experience of Blogging

[This article was originally published in the University of Chester Student News, Issue 1 2018/19. View the magazine online here:]

Writing is something that I have always enjoyed and being able to produce pieces that can be shared with others is fantastic. My writing varies in genre from music journalism, including reviews and interviews, to literary related articles, poetry and blog posts sharing my thoughts on a range of subjects.

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What Does our Word Choice Reveal About us?

We adapt our language to the present situation and the people who surround us. Obvious examples of this is the use of more informal language around friends and more formal language use at work. Language use goes further than these two binary distinctions. The way you pronounce words or choose certain phrases over others can reveal aspects of your personality, without necessarily being aware of it.

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Louder Than Words Festival 2018 Preview

The Louder Than Words festival returns in 2018 for the sixth time! Running from Friday the 9th to Sunday 11th November 2018 at The Principal Hotel in Manchester, the music and literary festival features panels, Q&As and performances.


‘Filling an intriguing niche that we didn’t realize needed filling until it was full’, Crack magazine


‘The only festival that interrogates the love affair between music and the written word’Cheshire Life


‘Where Glastonbury meets the Hay Literature Festival’Silent Radio

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Lost in Translation: Das Unheimlich

I have found Freud’s theory of The Uncanny fascinating since studying it as part of my Bachelor’s degree. Having recently revisited Freud’s essay I posted the image included above on my Instagram with the caption: ‘Das heimlich und unheimlich’. Instagram’s translation tool provided the following translation: ‘The scary and the creepy’. The page I photographed is the section of Freud’s essay in which he discusses he wide variety of meanings that are created through the many translations of the unheimlich into other languages.

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A Summer of Music

[Image: Valis Ablaze performing at Techfest 2018]

As October is now officially underway, the dreary nights, continuous rain and biting cold creates a desire to return to the warmer months.

Here in the UK 2018 saw a rather unusually warm summer which had a great effect, particularly for music festivals being held. It makes a huge difference not to be swimming in mud when listening to live music.

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How to Write a Song

This is the question asked by many aspiring musicians and singers: how do you write a song?

If you ask me, I can provide you with a basic structure:

Intro | Verse 1 | Chorus 1 | Verse 2 | Chorus 2 | Bridge | Chorus 3 | Outro

This sort of structure is pretty easy to follow and forms the basis for many songs particularly in the popular music genre. However, if I tell you what chord sequence to use, how to create catchy riffs and the style of lyrics to include, it’s no longer your song.

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